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Womens March LA and DC #FREETHESHE

On January 21st 2017, millions of women, men and childern around the world marched in solidarity in the name of  equality and human rights. It was an incredible display of organization, spirit and love. 

MDLF and our friend Mstr of Disguise collaborated on a t-shirt in support of the march.  We passed out a handful to some of our favorite female activists, artists and extraordinaire. With the help of TK Anderson, we gathered the crew together before the LA march and TK who is a MDLF contributing artist, shot an epic group photo as well as plenty other photos documenting this historic day.  We are so proud of our MDLF extended family as they stood together and stood proud sending out a message of courage, equality, strength  and hope. Take a look at the gallery below all shot with BW 35mm film + Digital. Many other images can be found on social media under the tag that we thought best encapsulated our message


We have made the shirts available in the store on preorder. We moved through the first stash so fast and are currently waiting on our next batch.  A portion of the proceeds of each shirt goes to Planned Parenthood.  


"SHE IS" GOING TO THE WOMEN'S MARCH IN DC and LA A Portion of the Proceeds goes to Planned Parenthood




We are so proud to announce the opening of Masculine de La FEMME's first Artist's + Maker's Co-Op Shop! We have collaborated and featured the work of two amazing artists from MDLF.

A Portion of the Proceeds goes to Planned Parenthood

Wardrobe Stylist, Ann-Marie Hoang of Mstr of Disguise and Designer, Samantha Vanderhoof of Old Lady Baby agreed to collaborate with us for the Women's March in LA happening Jan. 21st. A group of carefully selected influential women who care about today's social causes and aren't afraid of censorship and mincing their words will be wearing these tees and chokers while marching by each other's side while being photographed by the amazing TK Anderson. TK Anderson will be shooting all images on BW and Color 35mm film.  

Simultaneously, MDLF Co-founders, Dan Monick and Monica Reyes will photograph and document the Women's March in Washington, DC - also on BW and Color 35mm film. 

If you are going to either marches in LA or in DC - please get in contact with us, and we'll connect you with the groups that are attending. 

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"Free The She"

Mstr of Disguise x MDLF Collaboration

A Portion of the Proceeds goes to Planned Parenthood

Limited Edition

Fitted Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee

S U P P O R T  x  S H O P  H E R E



A Portion of the Proceeds goes to Planned Parenthood